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Welcome to the website of Peter Knight, Western Australian poet. While I call myself a poet, it is up to you, upon reading all or any of my 9 poems that appear in this website, to form your own view as to that.

I worked as, among other things, a lawyer for 25 years. While that occupation presented me with many challenges and preoccupations, my poems do not draw on my legal experience. Since retiring from legal practice, my poems, written over several decades to the present, have been published in 4 eBooks entitled: 'Vigilant Watchers', 'Strange surroundS', 'ENORMITY' & 'placental'. They are each available at a modest price from Amazon and other eBook retailers.

Later in this website are 2 poems from each eBook that you can read, being:

  • 'Vigilant Watchers' – 'oh, what a difference!' & 'i will tell';
  • 'Strange surroundS' – 'terminal' & 'judgment';
  • 'ENORMITY' - 'for ears that, when eyes won't' & 'the fathomed shore';
  • 'placental' – 'twist (the torturer's apprentice)' & 'oh, see . . .'

As a sampler, see below my short poem 'prospect' from 'ENORMITY':



I am not too perturbed
by the prospect of towering aspirations
whose peaks i may not ascend.

It is well beneath those pinnacles,
the journeyman time
spent upon the plain,
looking out across the flat,
that concerns.

Not even the depressions
worry me as much.

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